A Look At Some Common Auto Mechanic Tools List

While most of us rush to an auto mechanic whenever there is a slight problem in our vehicle, it would be always better to look for some other way out and knowing some bit of auto mechanic work will certainly work to our advantage. However, knowing something decent about auto mechanic job is just one part of the story. On the other hand it is also important for you to have some good tools available with you at all point of time. We will talk about a few common auto mechanic tools list which we are sure will help you to make a big beginning as a DIY auto mechanic. It will help you to take care of the common problems associated with automobiles. Apart from helping saving money having a well chosen mechanic tool box could help you save quite a bit of problem especially when you are on the road travelling in dome desolate locations and highways. So without wasting too much of time we are sharing below a few important points about some useful basic automobile tools.


There is no doubt that wrenches are important and many people are aware of it. However, they are not perhaps aware that you need to spend some time and effort identifying the right quality wrenches. When you spend some time and choose a branded wrench, you will be saving lot of time and also your task will become that much simpler and easier. You will get these wrenches in metric and US sizes and it would be better to go in for metric sizes.


When it comes to ratchets, you will get them in three different sizes. They are small, medium and large and in terms of inches they would be ¼ inch, 3/8 inch and ½ inch. You can use these sizes for various types of projects and uses. You will get these different sizes whenever you buy the right tool sets from the right outlet.


There is no doubt that socket tool is a must have tool as for all DIY automobile owners. They are also available in three different sizes and they are shallow, short and long. Each size is relevant and has its own usage. Again when it comes to choosing between US and metric sizes, it would be advisable to go in for the latter.


When choosing screwdrivers there are a few things you always must bear in mind. As a beginner it would be better to do away with Phillips head screwdrivers and Flat screwdrivers. However, as you start gathering experience you can choose screwdrivers with longer gauges and lengths. There are many types of such screwdrivers and if you look around the internet you will find quite a few of it on the internet.


You also could need other things like hammers, pry bar and breaker bar, headlamps, LED flashlight or even multi meters. You have to do your research and when it comes to different types of wrenches or other such items the internet is the best way forward.

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