How To Get Started Making Knives

Are you keen on getting the right answer to the question how to get started making knives? If the answer is yes, then you have many reasons to go through this article. Though there are readymade knives of different sizes and materials available out there in the market, there is quite a bit of fun when you try and make a knife of your own. We will learn a few starting lessons about it over the next few lines so that as readers you are able to get some basic information about the same.

Why People Do Not Get Into Knife Making

Finding the right tools is perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to making knives on your own. This puts off many people and they give up on the idea of making knives even if they start the process. However, this is not as difficult as it is made out to be. This is because knives have been made for centuries and they have been made without taking help from the many fancy power tools and modern and costly equipment which we come across today. Hence, identifying the right tools should not be the reason for you to start giving up on the dreams of making a knife of your own.

Yes it is a fact that you may have to spend a few more hours when compared to that experienced knife maker with the best of tools and technologies. However, you can be sure that you will be able to learn the first few lessons in knife making using tools and tips which have stood the test of time and which are not expensive. They are also not very difficult to learn, master and then use. So let us get started with some of the basic tools which would be required for making knives. These may not be the entire list of tools needed for knife making but will help you get started.


Files without any doubt have to be one of the most critical and indispensable tools if you are planning to make a knife using your own efforts. Files come with quite a few tasks. They help in making bevels on the blade and they are also considered when it comes to jimping. Hence it goes without saying that files are considered the most important and vital. Even if you ask any good and experienced knife maker, he will agree that file is an important and vital tool. You could choose between single and doubt cut files and this will decide on the number of grooves which you can make from the files. Hence if you are identifying the basic knife making tools you should keep this in mind.

tools needed for knife making


You also would require abrasives made from many other materials such as sanding disc, sand paper, sanding disc or even sanding belt abrasives. They are indeed expensive and therefore you must know how to choose the right ones after researching and taking into account specific needs and requirements. You must focus on abrasives which will have utility for you and which you will use regularly. Convenience and ease of use are also factors which must be taken into account when you are choosing these abrasives. Hence this is one of the most important knife making tools.

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