How To Effectively Drill Through Aluminum

Are you keen on getting to know more about the right options for drilling holes in metal? If the answer is yes, you can choose almost any type of general-purpose twist bit will be able to do a decent job. They will work well with different types of materials including wood, plastic and other metals. It will also be suitable for many types of thin sheet metal solutions and also thick sheet metals. There are some twist bits which are made from HSS or high speed steel. Hence you have many options to choose from as far as types of drill bits are concerned. However, while it is quite possible to drill through many metals there are a few important points to be considered when it comes to using these drill bits and other such things.

Protect Your Eyes

Drill Through AluminumWhile you might be keen on finding out the right option to drill through aluminum you have to be aware of the dangers surrounding it. You have to understand that it takes only small and tiny metal fragment to lead to serious eye injury. Hence, it is important to ensure proper protection of the eyes when drilling metals. You must not cut corners and choose the best possible safety glasses which will not only protect the eyes but also offer a protection around the sides of the face.

Always Look For Lubricated Bits

Further it would always be better to look for lubricated bits when it comes to flat metal brackets and other such fixtures and fittings. This is all the more important for drilling holes in steel and iron which is more than 1/8 inches or thicker. You must choose the right cutting fluid like 3 in one lubricating oil. This will go a long way in reducing friction and also prevent excessive heat buildup. This also will go a long way in making drilling that much easy and the bits will also have much longer extended life and durability. If you are using cast iron, brass or easier to drill metals like aluminum, brass or cast iron, you would not require too much of lubrication.

Importance Of Making A Dimple

Drill bits have the habit of wandering as you make the first drilling. This could lead to drilling happening in the wrong place. To prevent this you must understand the need for marking and measuring where you would like to make the hole. You could then make use of a center punch and hammer and this will create a small dimple. This will also gives the tip of your drill that much space and place to enter in and you start drilling.

ClampClamps Could Prevent Stitches

It would not be advisable to hold a piece of metal in one hand as you try to drill with the help of the other. Hence, you must ensure that the metal or surface being drilled must be fixed steadily and using a quality clamp is the best way forward.

Apart from the above there are quite a few other things which you must bear in mind when it comes to choosing the right clamping bit and the right surface also.

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